HF Tower Moving Day

Updated 11-Nov-2008  14:48

Tower Moving Day (Jan 2008)

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It was a cold but nice January winter day when Paul, KE1LI, and I took off from NE Conn down to New Haven to get this tower from Lou, K1YR.  This one is really heavy… it weighs 1100 lbs, but we had an invaluable piece of equipment at the New Haven end of the trip, a small Toro fork lift!  Paul KE1LI (red/green jacket) helped with the trailer rig, Lou K1YR (blue jacket) was the previous owner of the tower now headed for KH6 land, and a friend of the family helped by bringing and operating the fork lift.  The little Toro did a fine job lifting the tower which was just about the limit of its capability.  Lou and Paul guided the tower up over the wheel well of the trailer onto the trailer bed with wooden blocks to support it. Then a few tension straps were used to tighten it down for the trip back to Ashford.  We used a top-secret levitation method to get the tower off at my house! J  I did most of the heavy work by taking pictures for posterity to enjoy! ;-)


Tower%2070%20Moving-02 Tower%2070%20Moving-03 Tower%2070%20Moving-04


Tower%2070%20Moving-05 Tower%2070%20Moving-06 Tower%2070%20Moving-07


Tower%2070%20Moving-9 Tower%2070%20Moving-10 Tower%2070%20Moving-11 


There she sits along side the driveway until warmer weather and a nice tower base is in place!