HF Tower and Beams

Updated 11-Nov-2008  14:48


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Tower Base Construction Week (Late Jun 2008)

Frank K1MAA (formerly KB1LKB) from Tolland, CT did the base construction for me!

First, Frank made up the rebar cages for attachment below the tower base assemblies, then he dug the hole with a small excavator… hmm no rocks? Is this REALLY New England?  Frank made up a fine set of forms and braces to position the tower bases and rebar, and made square corners on the top of the concrete base.  Then the cement truck came and did its thing, and Frank finished off the top of the concrete bases with the trowel.  Of course we had to make graffiti in the concrete according to tradition.


Tower - Rebar Cages.JPG Tower - Base Hole 7 ft.JPG Tower HG52SS Pouring Concrete 2.JPG


Tower LM470D Installation 4.JPG Tower LM470D Grafitti.JPG Tower LM470D Base 1.JPG 


Tower LM470D Base 3.JPG