Personal Interests

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Dr. Glagowski is an amateur musician, playing piano as a young child, and trumpet in high school and college marching band and orchestra.

He also has an extensive collection of jazz, classical, and 60's rock-and-roll and rhythm-and-blues music on records, CDs, and open-reel tape.

Photography and Video:

Dr. Glagowski is also an amateur photographer maintaining a darkroom for film / print development and studio for video tape editing. Video equipment is also used for Slow Scan Television (SSTV) in conjunction with radio contacts.

Amateur Radio:

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Dr. Glagowski is an active radio amateur since 1961 he holds the extra class license and callsign W1TR.

He has also held the calls: WA4DDO (Georgia), WA2WSB (New Jersey), WA1ALZ (Connecticut), and operated from KP4VA (Puerto Rico) while on assignment at the University of Puerto Rico.

He also holds the USAF MARS (Military Affiliate Radio System) callsign AFA1DI, and was formerly AFB1ALZ, AFW1TR, AFA1YU, AFA5BP. Dr. Glagowski has been the state USAF MARS director for Massachusetts 1984-1988, and is currently the Transcon HF Packet Network Operations Manager.

The MARS station AFA5BP in Spokane, WA is now shut down but operated a BBS on 6.7 Mhz and 14.5 Mhz HF packet, 143 Mhz VHF packet, and W1TR operates the same BBS on 145.01 Mhz packet. USAF MARS voice operations are concurrent since there are dedicated transceivers for packet and voice. Operations at AFA1DI will resume shortly in Upton, MA.

The HAM station W1TR often operates 160 and 80 meters for local/regional contacts, and 20 meters to contact friends in the NorthWest. W1TR also participates in the ARRL Field Day, ARRL Sweepstakes, ARRL 160 Meter Contest, and the ARRL RTTY Roundup. Favorite modes of operation are CW (Morse Code @ 35 wpm), RTTY (Radio TeleTYpe), SSTV (Slow Scan TeleVision), as well as the familiar SSB Voice mode. 2 meter VHF/FM operation on local repeaters is occasionally done from a mobile location or to reach local friends.

Upon relocation to W1-land once again, the station was operational from Upton, MA from 1996 to 2002 and later from Ashford, CT starting in 2004 where a true ham radio dream location exists on a 1000 ft hill with a commanding view to the East, South, and West, and not a terrible view to the North.  Dual towers are setup: a 50 ft crank-up / tilt-over VHF tower with 6, 2, 432, and 1296 MHz antennas (220 and 902 pending) with extremely good performance into Maine and the Middle Atlantic states.  A 70ft crank-up / tilt-over tower holds a Force 12 C4SXL, full size 2 elements on 10-40 meters.  High wire antennas, both vertical and horizontal are available for 160-40 meters and USAF MARS frequencies.

Dr. Glagowski constructed a complete homebrew 1 KW SSB/CW/RTTY radio transmitter, receiver, and high power amplifier of his own original design in 1963, and has made major modifications to many military surplus radios for use in the amateur and MARS service. He has a large collection of Collins Radio Company equipment (the Rolls Royce of radio communications equipment) acquired from military surplus sources and renovated for current use. He also writes PC communications software for amateur radio use.

Dr. Glagowski is also a member and officer of the Central Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association (CMARA), Eastern Connecticut Amateur Radio Association (ECARA), Yankee Clipper Contest Club (YCCC), NorthEast Weak Signal Group (NEWS Group), and the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).

Dr. Glagowski has served as Faculty Advisor to Rho Epsilon, WSUs Radio Amateur Fraternity, and trustee to W7YH, the WSU Radio Club Station located in the CUB.

Current W1TR / AFA1DI Operating Position in Ashford, CT:

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The shack has been expanded to include a station in the office on the main floor (TS-2000X + ALS-600S + LDG AT-1000) and a IC-756 pro 3 + Emtron DX-3 + Palstar AT5K in the main station in the cellar.

Antennas for VHF and UHF are also now installed.

Former W1TR / AFA1DI Operating Position in Upton, MA:

This station is the same as in Spokane but rearranged differently.

Former W1TR / AFA5BP Operating Position in Spokane, WA:

In use at this operating position are: