W1TR Main Station

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The primary operating stations:

ICOM IC-756 Pro 3 + Collins 30L-1 Emtron DX-3 + Palstar AT5K, and

ICOM IC-765 + Amp Supply LK-500ZC + Heathkit SA-2500 Auto Antenna Tuner + various Collins 312B-4 speakers.

The computer is a little Dell 433 Pentium (soon to be upgraded) + 17 inch ViewSonic VA721 flat panel monitor.

The computer controls the rigs via the RigBlaster Pro and Icom CT-17 communications interface.


The 30L-1 is not really all that necessary, but the Emtron doesn’t cover some Government Emergency Service frequencies
and takes a few moments to warm up, whereas the 30L-1 is an “instant on” since it uses 4 x 811a tubes
(too bad it doesn’t work on 160 meters!).  It comes in handy sometimes while waiting for the Emtron to warm up!


Main Station #11


Here are some close-ups of the Icom 756pro3 station and the Icom 765 station (click for enlargements).

Station A #03 Station B #1


The Emtron DX-3 Amplifier

Emtron Front Panel Emtron Tank Coil Emtron Band Switch Emtron Transformer Emtron Transformer Crate


The Palstar AT5K Tuner

Palstar Front Panel Palstar Rotary Coal Palstar Bandswitch Palstar Balun Palstar Rear Panel


Here is a picture of how the operating position tables were constructed, from solid doors and PVC toilet pipe.
They are quite sturdy!  And they have wheels so you can move them to get at the wires in the back!

(all parts are readily available from Home Depot / Lowes, etc)

Main Table #2 Main Table #1


Main%20Table%20Leg%20Brace Main%20Table%20Leg%20to%20Table%20Joint Main%20Table%20Leg%20Dolly%20%232


Here is a schematic layout of the downstairs shack in the cellar.