Ham Shacks – Blast from the Past

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W1TR Upton, MA 1996-2002







Equipment Here:

Icom 765 + Amp Supply LK-500ZC + Collins 312B-4

Collins KWM2-A + 30L-1 + 312B-4 + 180S-1

2 x Icom 751 + Collins 30L-1 + 312B-4

Johnson Valiant + Collins R-390-A + 312B-4

3 x Icom 2100H VHF FM, 1 for base FM, 2 for Government Emergency Service Packet

3 x Kantronics KAM Plus packet modems


3 x (Collins KWM-2A + 30L-1 + 312B-4) S-Line units stored for Government Emergency Service deployment




W1TR Spokane, WA 1992-1996


Equipment Here:

Icom 765 + Collins 30S-1

2 x (Icom 751 + Collins 30L-1)

3 x (Collins KWM-2A + 30L-1 + 312B-4)

Robot 1200C SSTV modem



W1TR Pullman, WA 1989-1992

Unfortunately, picture not available


Equipment Here:

Icom 751 + Collins 30S-1

Robot 1200C SSTV modem




W1TR Chelmsford, MA (20 Stedman St) 1986-1989

Stedman Street Hamshack 3.JPG Stedman Street Hamshack 2.JPGStedman Street Hamshack 1.JPG Stedman Street Hamshack 4.JPG Stedman Street Hamshack 5.JPG

Equipment Here:

Icom 751 + PS-30 + Collins 30S-1 + Heathkit SB-220 (modified for 160m) + Heathkit AutoTuner + Collins 62S-1 + Autek Keyer + IC261A VHF 2m

Hammarlund SP600 SuperPro + Collins R-390-A + Collins T-390-A + Homebrew RTTY Modem

Robot 1200C SSTV modem

Heathkit H19 Terminal + Northstar Horizon Z80 Computer running CPM + Epson MX80 Printer

IBM PC/XT Computer + Epson MX80 Printer

In the workshop: a Collins KWM-2 and Heathkit SB-200, Collins R-388, Boonton RX meter, Some RF and Audio signal generators, and a Tektronix scope.



W1TR Chelmsford, MA (6 Stillwater Dr) 1978-1986

Unfortunately, picture not available


Equipment Here:

Collins KWM-2 + 62S-1 + 30S-1

Icom 751

Collins R-390-A + Collins T-390-A + Johnson Valiant



WA1ALZ Ashford CT (Ashford Park) 1972-1977

Terry%20Ashford%20Park AshfordParkApartment-1975-01

Equipment here:

Collins R-390-A Receiver

Collins T-390-A Exciter

Johnson Valiant

Homebrew RTTY Converter

Eldico 100 SSB Exciter / Transmitter

TeleType Model 19 Teleprinter, Paper Punch, Tape Reader


Well… this is not really the HAM shack, but the living room at Ashford Park… yep, I’m definitely a bachelor at this time !

I still have much of this equipment in the current shack (except for the teletype machines), but it is not set up for operational use at this time!



WA2WSB/1 and WA1ALZ Trumbull CT: 1963 – 1965



Trumbull%20Ham%20Shack-2 Trumbull%20Ham%20Shack-3


Equipment here:

Collins 75A-4

Johnson Ranger II

Central Electronics 20A (picture)

Lakeshore VFO

Homebrew Pair of 6146’s

Homebrew Pair of 813’s

Homebrew Receiver based on GE Ham News (not shown)

Johnson mechanical bug keyer



WA4DDO/2 and WA2WSB Florham Park, NJ: 1962 – 1963

Unfortunately, picture not available, but images from the WEB are shown:


Hallicrafters%20SX-99%202Heathkit%20DX-60%203 Heathkit%20HG-10


E%20F%20Johnson%20Bug E%20F%20Johnson%20T-R%20Switch


Equipment here:

Hallicrafters SX-99

Heathkit DX-60

Heathkit HG-10 VFO

E F Johnson Speed Key (Bug)

E F Jonson T-R Switch