W1TR Calls Held and Locations

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Calls Held and Operating Locations:

1961-1962 – WA4DDO, Valdosta, GA (never on the air from there except from K4TVE’s or K4NVI’s QTH)

1962-1963 – WA4DDO, WA2WSB, Florham Park, NJ

1963-1965 – WA2WSB, WA1ALZ, Trumbull, CT

1965-1966 – WA1ALZ, Orangeburg, SC, (on the air briefly late summer of 1965 and Semester Break Christmas to New Years)

1966-1970 – WA1ALZ, (off the air,  college at UConn, Storrs, CT; Stanford Univ, Palo Alto, CA; participated in Field Day with WA2CCF/W2CC Englewood Cliffs, NJ)

1970-1972 – WA1ALZ, Naperville, IL (on the air briefly from Bell Labs, Indian Hill – Naperville, IL)

1972-1977 – WA1ALZ, Ashford, CT (Ashford Park)

1977-1978 – W1TR, Ashford, CT (Lake Chaffee)

1978-1979 – W1TR, Lexington, MA (VHF ONLY, temporary housing)

1979-1989 – W1TR, Chelmsford, MA (Fall 1980 – Operator at KP4VA Univ. Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, PR)

1989-1992 – W1TR, Pullman, WA (1990-1993 – Trustee of W7YH at Wash. St. Univ.)

1992-1996 – W1TR, Spokane, WA

1996-2002 – W1TR, Upton, MA

2002-2003 – W1TR, (VHF mobile only, homeless !)

2003-2004 – W1TR, Mansfield Center, CT (temporary setup at WB1CCL Lyn’s QTH)

2004-            W1TR, Ashford, CT (also mobile VHF and HF between Ashford, CT along I-84, MassPike, RT-128 to Hanscom AFB, MA)