W1TR Backup Station

Updated 16-Mar-2020  11:49


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The Government Emergency Service and backup operating stations:

Icom 2100H 2 meter FM rig + 312B-4

2 x (Icom IC-751 + Collins 30L-1 + 312B-4) + Astron RS-50M

Collins KWM-2A + PM-2 + 30L-1 + 312B-4 + 180S-1 (all Government issue from Hill AFB, UT)

Backup Station #3


These stations are setup to separately operate simultaneously on the 3 Government Emergency Service frequencies while the primary stations operate on either one HAM or Government Emergency Service frequencies.  There are a few other Icom IC-2100H units and Kantronics KAM Plus units not yet setup for Government Emergency Service HF / VHF Packet / Pactor operation.  The computer center with several servers / workstation is also not yet setup.