W1TR Antennas VHF FM

Updated 16-Mar-2020  11:41


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Two 2 meter ARX2B Ringo Rangers and a 6 meter AR-6 Ringo (from Cushcraft) are mounted on 20 foot TV masts next to the 6 and 2 meter halo antennas.  9913 coax leads from the AR-6 to the 6 meter Ameritron RCS-8V remote antenna switch and into the shack for use on 6 meter FM.  The two 2 meter Ringo Rangers are used in the downstairs station on VHF Packet and Ham / VHF Voice respectively to a pair of Icom 2100H 2 meter FM transceivers and a Kantronics KAM Plus.  The halos are used for SSB/CW on 2 and 6 meters to augment the VHF tower and beams.


VHF FM Antennas (and the 6 and 2 meter halos) 

VHF FM Antennas 02.JPG


VHF and UHF antennas

 Antennas VHF 01.JPG