W1TR 80 Meter Vertical Loop

Updated 25-Jun-200612:40


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The 80 meter vertical loop is constructed from #10 stranded insulated wire available in most hardware stores.

The feedpoint uses a 6 inch section of Ĺ inch diameter PVC pipe.Each wire of the ladder line loops through the PVC pipe twice to provide strain relief.Wires are tied using a square knot to the PVC pipe and then twist wrapped to the ladder line and covered by vinyl electrical tape. The antenna loops over high small branches to provide springiness in the wind. One lower corner loops around a tree branch just above head level, and the remaining corner is adjustable using a rope to a tree trunk.Ladder line was used so that its use on non-resonant frequencies would not result in high SWR losses.


Since it has just been installed, it is not yet known how well it will survive the wind, ice, and snow at Ashford, CT!


This antenna has a remarkable set of SWR curves.I had to check several times during measurements to make sure the transmitter (TS-2000X) wasnít malfunctioning, or the wrong antenna was connected, something!It has really good SWR on ALL bands from 80 thru 10 meters except for the high end of 75 meters and all of 40 meters, and it isnít really bad there either, acceptable for ladder line feed and antenna tuner operation!It is not yet known how well it performs against the other antennas in the farm, but it does well on 80 meters at least during a few quick contacts!



View of 80 meter vertical loop from afar, note the vertical rope is not a feedpoint coax, but a rope to pull it down for maintenance!

The loop wires simply go over high branches in two 70 foot trees.


Feedpoint of 80 meter vertical loop, about head level for easy maintenance.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Branch for Lower Loop Support


Rope for Adjustable Lower Loop Support