W1TR 160 Meter Dipole

Updated 05-Dec-2005  12:50


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The 160 meter dipole is constructed from #12 stranded insulated wire available in most hardware stores.

The feedpoint uses a section of PVC pipe.  The ladder line loops through the PVC pipe to provide strain relief.  Wires are tied using a square knot to the PVC pipe and also to rope which is then tied to tree trunks after going over the tops of trees.  The center is also supported by a tree about 10 feet from the feedpint.  The “springiness” of the small branches appears to help the wire antennas survive 60 knot winds with little or no damage.



Feedpoint of 160 meter dipole



More of the 160 meter dipole

(check out that 90 foot pine tree to the lower right, the South support !)

(the large 70 foot tree in the center is the center support)


Well… it’s not nice to fool mother nature !

A week after the ARRL 160 Meter Contest in mid Dec 2005, a small ice storm broke the 90 foot pine tree! 

If it weren’t for the 160 meter antenna, it would have fallen south and taken out the power for the entire street.  Instead, it fell west and landed on the stone fence next to my driveway.  Serendipitously, it deposited the south leg of the 160 meter dipole in the line of trees along the stone fence and it remains intact but only at the 70 foot level now!